QRS Healthcare supplies temporary and permanent specialist staff to various health care facilities within the West Midland.

We are compassionate about the health and social care sector, we provide excellent value to all of our stakeholder and through our social causes.


Helping health providers achieve optimal holistic care through cost-effective staffing.


Compassionate- truly cares about the direction of the care sector and helps   clients achieve the best possible care for the service user.

Competent- takes clinical knowledge, skills and attitude very seriously; staff is fully trained and monitored for excellence.

Responsive- we know time is very valuable to you, so as with us. We deliver the solution swiftly.

Empathetic- we know where you are coming from. We are always ready to listen.

Trustworthy- endeavours to maintain integrity and transparency in all of our transactions.


  • Providing our clients with a high standard of nursing and care service on a long or short term basis.
  • Delivering safe, skilled, and compassionate nurses, health care assistants, and other roles to each service user honouring each client/service user’s individual requirements and needs.
  • Being thorough in our actions and punctual in our response to client’s needs.
  • Making sure agency staff always promote the health and wellbeing of each client/service user through a knowledgeable, open, honest, trustworthy, friendly and helpful work ethic.
  • We are aiming to provide at all times a professional business infrastructure to enable resources to be used at full capacity, enabling all client’s independent choice of services.